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The department has two broad areas of research: ‘Industrial, Food and Environmental Microbiology’ andMolecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Microbial Infections’. In the broad area of Industrial, food and environmental microbiology, the specific research interests of the department are in the areas of production of industrially important microbial enzymes, biofuels, bioactive compounds and carbohydrates, meta-genomics, structure function analysis and molecular modification of enzymes, lignocellulose biodegradation, ethanol production from lignocellulose, molecular biology of lignin degradation, carbon sequestration using heterotrophs, bioremediation, gene expression and bioprocess engineering. Collaboration with industries for research is an important thrust in the Department.

In the broad area of Molecular biology and pathogenesis of microbial infections, the specific areas of research interest include molecular epidemiology of emerging water-borne pathogens like Yersinia enterocolitica and E.coli, and mechanism of antibiotic resistance with special focus on β-lactamase; understanding host pathogen interactions; microbial genomics and proteomics. The research interests also include investigations into DNA replication and chromatin modifications in the protozoan parasite Leishmania donovani (the causative agent of kala-azar); investigating toxin-antitoxin loci in mycobacterial species; understanding molecular pathogenesis of viral infections associated with cancer using Epstein barr virus and Hepatitis C virus as models to investigate viral causes of cancers.

For details on reserach being carried out in the Department, please refer to webpages of individual faculty members.

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