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May 2, 2018
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Our website has been bestowed with the 'Best Website Award' in Department Category by University of Delhi. The award was conferred on the occasion of the 96th Foundation Day of the University of Delhi celebrated on 1st May, 2018. We thank University of Delhi for the encouragement.

Apr 23, 2018
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The Department of Microbiology is in the process of revising the syllabus of M.Sc. Microbiology program under Choice Based Credit System. The draft of the revised syllabus has been prepared after taking into consideration the feedback obtained from multiple stakeholders including the present students, the alumni, as well as prospective employers from the corporate sector. The Department invites your views and suggestions on the same which may be submitted only by email at latest by 5 PM on Friday, the 4th of May 2018. The draft of syllabus may be downloaded here.

Apr 17, 2018
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On 20-April-2018, Ms.Nivedita Gaur will present her pre-PhD submission seminar entitled -“The role of human tumor associated herpesvirus latent antigens in epithelial to mesenchymal transition of cancer cells" at 11AM in Seminar room of the Department. 

CMS - 2.2.7 - Skookumchuck

Puzzle Competition- Aug 2019

The puzzle for August 2019 was created by Amuliya Kashyap and Meenu (both PhD Students). The competition was held on 09-Aug-2019 after the Journal club and Work presentations. The student participants were required to fill the answers on the spot in 30 minutes.

 Puzzle-9 (Aug 2019)

Puzzle Aug 2019



6. Organism present in lichens, mosses and maybe in space (10)
9. Deficiency of B-cells causes (18)
11. Bacteria of sea (12)
15. Bacteria exhibiting vivipary like phenomenon (12)
16. Bacteria Sterols (9)
17. Amino-acid abundant in watermelon (10)
19. Bacteria having intracellular compartments (13)
21. Unusual tubular structure found in Roseobacter (6)
23. Discovered water transport membrane proteins (9)
25. SIVmac239 viral strain is nicknamed as (9)


1. Other name of Krebs-Kornberg cycle (10)
2. Hyperthermophile able to withstand autoclave temperature (12)
3. Virulent factor secreted via type IX secretory system (8)
4. N-acetylglucosamine is used in the treatment of (14)
5. Physical phase of life (10)
7. Depsipeptide antibiotic (11)
8. Extracellular appendages of Pyrodictium (8)
10. Unusual short DNA sequences shown to be effective against cancer (9)
12. Organism associated with Salem Witch Trials (17)
13. Organism used to produce precursor of Vitamin C (13)
14. Microbial electrogenesis: (9)
18. Received Nobel Prize for directed evolution (13)
20. Unique archaeal structures responsible for 'string of pearl' like arrangement (4)
22. Process of complete nitrification of ammonia (8)
24. Fungus isolated from dead sea (14)

  Solution of Puzzle 9 (Aug 2019)

Puzzle solution Aug 2019

And the winners are-

First: Ashish and Aparajita (both 14 correct out of 25)

Second:Rashmi (13 correct out of 25) 

Other notable performances: Srishti (12), Juhi (11), Shivani (11), Vishal (11), Mohini (10), Shilpa (10), Sharad (9), Prerna (9), Jyoti (9), Elis (9), Tanu (9), Arushi (8), Anjali (8), Priti (8), Arpit (8), Bhawna (6).

Winner Aug 2019