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Aug 1, 2020
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Name of Nodal Officer: Prof. Swati Saha
Email ID for upload of answer sheets if unable to do so via the exam portal is
Phone number is 99111-56268

Aug 1, 2020
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Quotations are invited through e-procurement portal (Tender ID: 2020_DU_574949_1) under two bid system for refrigerated centrifuge with accessories, latest by 31 Aug 2020. The details may be downloaded here

Jul 27, 2020
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Applications invited for ad-hoc panel for appointment of Assistant Professor in Microbiology department in different colleges of University of Delhi. The detailed notification can be downloaded here. The application form can be downloaded here. The last date of application is 10-Aug-2020 by email to

CMS - 2.2.7 - Skookumchuck

Puzzle Competition- Feb 2020

The puzzle for Feb 2020 was created by Aparajita (MSc Student). The competition was held on 14-Feb-2020 after the Journal club and Work presentations. The student participants were required to fill the answers on the spot in 30 minutes.Aparajita


Puzzle-12 (Feb 2020)

Puzzle Feb 2020




3 By programming instructions into their genes, scientists have engineered which bacterium that can act like computers, assembling into glowing bull’s-eye shapes on command?
4 "Smell of Rain" is caused by
5 Treponema pallidum is difficult to culture as it lacks the genes needed for
7 An operation wherein the US Navy filled balloons with a certain type of bacteria and burst them over San Francisco to study wind currents that might carry biological weapons.
8 Millions of people don’t actually need to use deodorant (especially East Asians) because they have this gene that stops them from producing sweat that attracts body odor causing bacteria. 10 A DNA molecule that is able to replicate and be maintained
12 An antiglobulin test (AGT) used in immunohematology.
13 The strongest bacteria that can pull 100,000 times their own body weight also cause
17 A bacterium showing Midas touch.
19 A nickname for Deinococcus radiodurans
22 Some scientists propose spraying bacteria into the clouds to end
23 Only Hepatitis Virus that can be cultured.
24 Vaccinia Virus is identified by
25 To prove that stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria and not stress, a scientist drank a beaker of the bacterium, and eventually won a Nobel Prize. Who was he?


1 Meteorites that fell on the early Earth brought reduced phosphorus to the planet. This allowed oxidation to phosphates, thus providing a mechanism for the generation of which biomolecules?
2 Presumptive diagnosis of anthrax in animals.
6 If sputum culture of an elderly male patient presented with fever, chest pain and dry cough showed growth on Charcoal Yeast Extract Medium, the causative organism is
9 Cluster of polar flagella
11 The blood of which organism is worth US$15,000/L, due to its ability to detect bacteria?
14 Francisella tularensis causes
15 Largest human parasite that can grow up to 25 feet.
16 A natural reservoir for Botulism bacteria.
18 A particular strain of the bacterium Vibrio cholerae that is the predominant causative agent of cholera.
20 Sequence of Pribnow box
21 Which organisms share 70% of our DNA? 

 Solution of Puzzle 12 (Feb 2020)

Puuzle Solution Feb 2020

And the winners are-

First: Meenu (16 correct out of 25)

Second:Nupur (15.5 correct out of 25) 

Other notable performances: Ashish (15), Elisnora (15), Amuliya (14.5), Vishal (14.5), Rashmi (14), Shilpa (13.5), Ritu (13), Anjali (13), Kuldeep (12), Shubhi (12), Arpit (11), Yash (11), Srishti (10), Prerna (10.5), Mansi (8), Mohini (7), Priti (7), Pratibha (6.5), Juhi (6).


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