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Oct 29, 2019
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Students, staff and teachers of the Department celebrated Diwali including rangoli decorations. The pictures gallery is here.

Oct 5, 2019
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The Teachers day was celebrated in Department on 05-Sep-2019 and Microbiology day on 26-Sep-2019. The details of celebrations and pictures are here and here.

Sep 14, 2019
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The puzzle for Sep 2019 was created by Babbal and Shilpa Mohanty (both PhD Students). The competition was held on 13-Sep-2019 and the winners are- First: Aparajita, and Second: Nupur and Tanu. More details here.

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Puzzle Competition- Jan 2019

JatinLavanyaThe puzzle for Jan 2019 was created by Jatin Chadha and Lavanya Khullar (both MSc Student). The competition was held on 11-Jan-2019 after the Journal club and Work presentations. The student participants were required to fill the answers on the spot in 30 minutes.



Puzzle-6 (Jan 2019)

Puzzle Jan 2019



4. _____ plasmids are found in Borrelia.                                    

6. Nalidixic acid works by inhibiting _____.

8. The most recent cyclone to hit india.

9. Cytopathic effect of influenza virus.

10. An anaerobic pathogen.

11. The spoon shaped constellation.

13. Antibacterial discovered using metagenomics.

17. Enzyme marker for lysosome.

20. Recently launched communication satellite.

21. A mode of fungal nutrition.

22. Part of microscope which focuses light onto specimen.

23. A bacterial stain.



1. The common enzyme which all plant pathogens produce.

2. Biotype of Vibrio cholerae prevalent in India.

3. Beaver fever organism.

5. Scientist who developed fluorescent mutants of GFP.

6. Essential component of bacterial endospores.

7. Term for reduced virulence of a pathogen.

12. Unique bacterial genera which are pleomorphic.

14. An ionophore antibiotic.

15. Bacterium with super antennae.

16. Yeast infections in immuno-compromised individuals.

18. Method to study cell migration in vitro.

19. A semi-synthetic antibiotic inhibiting cell wall synthesis.


 Solution of Puzzle 6 (Jan 2019)

Solution Jan 2019

And the winners are-

First: Vishal (19.5 correct out of 23)

Second:Mohini (19 correct out of 23) 

Winner Jan 2019 

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