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Oct 29, 2019
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Students, staff and teachers of the Department celebrated Diwali including rangoli decorations. The pictures gallery is here.

Oct 5, 2019
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The Teachers day was celebrated in Department on 05-Sep-2019 and Microbiology day on 26-Sep-2019. The details of celebrations and pictures are here and here.

Sep 14, 2019
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The puzzle for Sep 2019 was created by Babbal and Shilpa Mohanty (both PhD Students). The competition was held on 13-Sep-2019 and the winners are- First: Aparajita, and Second: Nupur and Tanu. More details here.

CMS - 2.2.7 - Skookumchuck

Puzzle Competition- Oct 2018

JatinLavanyaThe puzzle for Oct 2018 was created by Jatin Chadha and Lavanya Khullar (both MSc Student). The competition was held on 12-Oct-2018 after the Journal club and Work presentations. The student participants were required to fill the answers on the spot in 30 minutes.



Puzzle-5 (Oct 2018)

Puzzle Oct 2018



6. Toxin of clostridium that causes lock jaw.

10. Most abundant protein in plant world.

14. Rna estimation is performed using ______reagent.

16. _________ test is used to detect biofilm formation. (stain name).

17. Media used for raising recombinant microorganisms.

18. _______ is poc device for detection of rifampicin resistant tb.

20. Fermented soyabean cakes.

21. E.coli is divided into _____ phylo groups.

22. The 21st amino acid.

23. The only mammal which has wings.

24. Female flowers of ____________ are used in beer production (scientific name).


1. Knallgas-bacteria oxidize_______(gas).

2. S.I. unit of enzyme activity.

3. Temperature at which water exists in all 3 states simultaneously is called _____.

4. Other than retroviruses which other family of viruses possess RT.

5. Recent death of Asiatic lions was caused by ___________.

7. A blood red coloured algal carotene pigment used as food supplement, anti inflammatory, anti ageing.

8. 6:02 am/pm 10/23 commemorates this day celebrated by chemists. (relate the figures and numbers to a constant value).

9. Anti cancer drug obtained from catharanthus (mitotic poison).

11. Human skin pigment.

12. Scientist whose studies led to the development of stereochemistry.

13. Gram negative bacterivorus bacteria.

15. Ehrlich’s discovery of ________ was the 1st known treatment for syphilis.

19. Stain that distinguishes between dead and live cells.

 Solution of Puzzle 5 (Oct 2018)

Solution Oct 2018

And the winners are-

First: Kritika (22 correct out of 24)

Second:Vishal (21 correct out of 24)


Other notable performances:




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