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MicroZest’18- The Annual Microbiology Fest

By Aparajita Sen
M.Sc. (Previous Year)

To break the monotony of academics and research work, it was suggested by the students of M.Sc. microbiology, that a cultural fest be organized annually, wherein the students and staff can interact and gain knowledge through participation in various fun activities.
Following up on this suggestion, our department celebrated the first ever Microbiology Day, on 28 th September, 2018. The M.Sc. (Final year) students, through a lot of hard work and dedication, managed to do a commendable job of not only organizing the event, but also wrapping it up well within the time limit.
Moreover, the enthusiasm with which the students participated in the plethora of activities was unbelievable. There were a lot to choose from, including Quiz, Streak Art, Rangoli, JAM and Dumb charades. Some of the ‘Microphiles’ were excited enough to participate in all five events! By 10 am, the Biotech Auditorium was buzzing with activity.
The competitions were judged by our respected professors, and the winners were awarded cash prizes, and the ones who did not win were definitely rewarded with a day full of fond memories!
The day was concluded with a much needed group photograph, and a delicious buffet, which was the final icing on the cake.
Doing justice to its name, MICROZEST was indeed a day for those with a zest for Microbiology, and one can be certain that it has become one of the most awaited events of our department.
We are obliged to all the organizers for their flawless execution, our faculty for supporting our ideas with their constant motivation, and also the rest of the department for their enthusiastic participation, which led this event to be a huge success, and the day, a one to cherish.


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