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Sep 2, 2022
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Applications are invited for appointment on ad-hoc basis in extramural funded projects (1 JRF, 1 Lab attendent). The last date of application is 12-Sep-2022. Detailed advertisement with details of essential/ desirable qualifications can be downloaded here.

Aug 26, 2022
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The admission committee and other related committees has been constituted to look into all issues related to admission process of MSc and PhD programs for academic year 2022-23. The details may be downloaded here.

Aug 4, 2022
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Based on the applications received by the Department before last date of application, the ad-hoc panel list for 2022-23 has been prepared by the Department. The list may be downloaded here.

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Sports Day

By Aparajita Sen

ORGANISERS: M.Sc. (Previous) 


Every year, February is a much awaited month, as it brings with itself Spardha, our Annual Departmental Sports Day. It is a day when the students and staff all come together out into the field and indulge in a variety of games and races. Following tradition, this year too Spardha was organized on 7th February, Friday. It was a sunny winter morning and everyone was in their athletic forms, setting the perfect environment for a Sports Day. Loud music blared through the speakers, which further added to the enthusiasm of everyone!
The day started with the usual putting up of the banner, marking race tracks on the ground with chalk powder, and the Departmental group photograph. Following all this, the races commenced! Our juniors did a commendable job in organizing a plethora of races, like 200m race, lemon race, sack race, slow cycling race and 3 legged race. There were also games like dog and the bone, and blindfolded sponge water race, which were really enjoyed by everyone!
This was followed by light refreshment, and the event resumed with Cricket for girls and boys, which is always the center of attraction of our event. Mixed with cheering, music and a lot of excitement, the sport ended with respective winning teams, out of which Vishal was declared the Man of the Match, and Mansi was the Woman of the Match! After a wholesome lunch, we had tug of war, musical chairs for the staff, and finally the Prize Distribution Ceremony. The winners were awarded by our respected Professors and their photographs were clicked, and the ones who did not win were definitely rewarded with memories of a lifetime!
The day ended on a positive note with a friendly Badminton match amongst the students. At around 5:30 pm, we unwillingly stopped playing and started wrapping up. We would like to thank Abhishek Glass Industrial Corporation for sponsoring the event. We are also very grateful to our faculty, staff and other students for their exuberant participation, due to which the event was a grand success! Last but not the least, we are immensely thankful to Arpit Tyagi, Ritu Mann and the other organizers for their immense hard work in organizing the event successfully.



By Aparajita Sen


ORGANISERS: M.Sc. (Previous)

February marks the onset of spring, making it a perfect occasion for outdoor sports. And that is precisely why our Department organizes 'Spardha', one of the most awaited events, every year in February. This year also without any exception, the Annual Sports Meet was organized on 14th February, 2019. However, this time there was an unexpected guest too, whose arrival was announced by tremendous thunder and lightning! The overcast sky and the persistent rainfall that wet our ground did lower our morale for a moment, but the support of our Staff and Students did not let us lose hope!

And as if in praise of our excitement and determination, the Sun finally decided to shine and dry our ground, and allowed us to begin the races! The staff and students brimmed with excitement as they participated and won the lemon and relay races, which were followed by the King of Indian Sport, CRICKET! As was expected, Dr. Y.P. Khasa and his team won the match, as well as the M.Sc. girls, who set the ground on fire with fours and sixes! A surprise race was kept to break monotony, wherein the participants had to run 100m on one leg, and on reaching the finishing line they were met with 10 riddles, and on solving as many as they could, they had to return to the starting line, on ONE leg again! As organizers, we were nervous regarding the reactions to this race, but to our immense joy, participants were many, and so was their enthusiasm!

After a hearty lunch, we resumed our event with Tug of War, and the best part was when the rope snapped into two and everyone toppled over with hilarious consequences!! This was followed by some more events for Faculty members, Kho-Kho, and Badminton, which extended up to 5 pm, and with a lot of reluctance, we stopped playing and started cleaning up!

Being pursuers of science, we become engrossed in our everyday research work so much so that the only time we move is probably when we need to use an instrument! However, a healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body, and this is the Mantra that Spardha reminds us every year and inculcates us with qualities like healthy competition, leadership, and team spirit. Ending the event on a positive note was difficult due to the initial unpleasant weather, but we are immensely thankful to our Faculty, Staff and students for not giving up on us and participating in large numbers to make this event successful yet one more time, proving that a few drops of rain cannot wash away the immense enthusiasm of our department!

Vishal Dashora, Akanksha Saini, Kritika Bansal, Ashee Singh
(M.Sc. students: Organizing Team)


Believing in ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, the students and staff members of the Department of Microbiology eagerly wait for the month of February to go out on the playfield and engage enthusiastically in their favorite sport(s).

Spardha’18 was organized on the 22nd of the same month this year, and as a part of the organizing team, nothing made us happier than seeing the entire departmental staff, students, and teachers, pumping up their energies and participating in large numbers in activities like cricket, 100 meter races, lemon and spoon race, three-legged race, badminton and many more. Fitness freaks proudly made it first to the finishing line.

The most awaited of all these were the ultimate cricket match between students and staff. Not exaggerating, if it were up to them, you could find the next Sachin Tendulkar on this ground!

Grabbing the limelight this year was the team led by our most thrilling professor, Dr. Y.P. Khasa, who won the match with an unbeatable score. Our girls’ teams were no less and tried really hard to get the ball onto the other side in a match of M.Sc. vs. Ph.D. students. The Ph.D.s won with as big a margin as it could get!

Going along with the connotation of the word ‘Spardha’, i.e., competition, we witnessed the competitive spirit of the teams when the Tug-of-War event began. Seriousness is at its peak when you see your hands getting bruised on that rope but you know only one thing: not to let it go. No activity has better taught us the significance of team spirit than this.

During the everyday humdrum routine we rarely realize the importance of physical exercise. In the midst of our busy schedule, coming up with an event encompassing a day packed with fun-exercising was something we really appreciated. We celebrated exercising in its truest sense!

 As organizers, we had one hell of a time executing this event. We would like to thank our faculty for motivating us with the fervor they exhibited and our colleagues for the help they extended in putting things together.

The Participants

Sports Day 2018





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