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Dec 26, 2022
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Quotations are invited through e-procurement portal for tender under two bid system for supply and installation of Protein Purification System. (Tender ID: Tender ID 2022_DU_731498_1). The last date for bid submission is 06-Jan, 2022. The details may be downloaded here.

Dec 1, 2022
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Quotations are invited through e-procurement portal for tender under two bid system for supply and installation of Protein Purification System. (Tender ID: 2022_DU_726606_1). The last date for bid submission is 22-Dec, 2022. The details may be downloaded here.

Nov 30, 2022
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The first admission list of students shortlisted for admission to MSc Microbiology program have been published on University PG admission portal here. All subsequent lists may also be accessed on the University portal in subsequent days.
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Prof.Y.P. Khasa

Lab Members







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