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Current Lab Members



Year of enrollment


Sharad Kumar Gaur Ph.D Student 2018
Rashmi Singh Ph.D Student 2022
Rakhi Nagar Ph.D Student 2023
Nandan Shah Lab attendent  
Ankit M.Sc Student 2022-2024
Ilma Masood M.Sc Student 2022-2024


Lab Alumni


Current position

Year of Graduation


Dr. Jaya Gandhi Project Scientist, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), New Delhi 2016
Dr. Lohit Khera Research Scientist & Scientific Technical Support Lead, Norgen Biotek, Ontario, Canada 2017
Dr. Nivedita Gaur Associate Researcher, Centre for Cellular and Molecular biology (CCMB), Hyderabad 2019
Dr. Catherine Paul Faculty, Bhaskaracharya College of applied Sciences,University of Delhi, New Delhi 2019
Dr. Yash Chaudhary Research Associate, Vector Borne Diseases Group, International Centre for Genetic engineering and Research (ICGEB), New Delhi 2024
Dr. Juhi Jain   2024
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