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Prof.Rani Gupta

Head of the Department

Microbiology is the study of very small living organisms or microorganisms namely viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Microorganisms are present everywhere – in soil, water, air, atmosphere and in the bodies of all plants and animals.  The number of microbes preset in the human body is almost ten times the number of the cells of the human body. Microorganisms thrive in inhospitable sites where no other forms of life possibly exist like thermal vents, permafrost and deep inside the sub surface soil. The activities of the microbes are so important that, without them, it would be difficult to imagine the existence of any other form of life on earth. However microbes are also known to cause some of the deadliest diseases of plants, animals and human beings.

In the last two decades or so, Microbiology has become an extremely exciting and happening discipline encompassing – Industrial, Medical, Molecular, Environmental, Agricultural and Food Microbiology. Microbes are being studied extensively for the production of a variety of enzymes including the recombinant enzymes and biomolecules like bioethanol and biobutanol. Whole genomes of viruses, bacteria and fungi are being sequenced at a rapid pace. This information would be useful for the development of molecular and POC diagnostics, and the newer vaccines for infectious diseases.  The emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and the scary situation of antibiotic resistance and MDR in infectious agents are almost staring us in the face and need solution.

The Department of Microbiology at University of Delhi South Campus has developed a very robust post-graduate teaching programme and state-of-art facilities for undertaking research in different areas of microbiology. The young and enthusiastic students joining the portals of Microbiology will have an ample scope and opportunities to learn and to prove their mettle in this highly interdisciplinary subject, making an extremely exciting career in the process.  

Visit of students of Gargi College to department on 26-Oct-2017

Study cum Excursion tour of Rajasthan from 12-15 Oct 2017

Guru Shikhar peak visible in background, Mount Abu



  • Notice for campus placement walk in interview for MSc/ PhD students of Department of Microbiology on 02-April-2018. Details here.

  • 07-Feb-2018: Based on interviews held on 05-Feb-2018, the list of candidate selected & waitlisted for admisison to PhD program has been released. Download here.

  • The selection interview for filing 1 seat in PhD program will be held on 05-Feb-2018 at 10 AM. The detailed instruction & list of candidates is here.

  • Inviting entrepreneurs for acquiring the benchscale process for 'enzymatic synthesis of L-theanine' through technology transfer or collaborative reserach. For details, click here.

  • The Department of Microbiology invites applications for admission to 1 vacant seat in full Time Ph.D. programme for the academic year 2017-18. The detailed instructions from University are here, short advertisement from department can be downloaded here. The Ordinance VI-B detailing procedure and rules related to admisison and award of PhD degree can be downloaded here. Last date of registration is 15-Jan-2018 on PhD admisison portal here




Our History

Department of Microbiology was established more than thirty years ago in 1984 along with several other departments including Departments of Electronics, Genetics, Biochemistry and Plant & Molecular Biology. Initially, these departments started functioning in the main campus of the University with a Professor acting as a coordinator for each of them. Department of Microbiology started with Prof.H.S.Randhawa from Patel Chest Institute as Coordinator and Dr.R.K.Saxena from Kirori Mal College was associated with him for initiation of the teaching program in Microbiology. Thus, the postgraduate (MSc) program in Microbiology started with a yearly intake of five students at Patel chest institute of University of Delhi.  

The first appointment in the Department was made in March 1985 wherein Dr.R.K.Saxena joined as Reader, the first regular teaching faculty of the Department.  In 1986, the Department of Microbiology along with some of other Departments were shifted to South Campus of the University. Initially, all these departments were housed in a common building which at present houses the departments related to arts and social sciences and now known as ‘Arts faculty building’. Four additional faculty members joined the department in 1988 including Dr.T.Satyanrayana as Reader, and Dr.Rani Gupta, Dr.R.C.Kuhad, Dr.J.S.Virdi as Lecturer. In same year the Faculty of ‘Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences’ was established in South Campus of University and the Department of Microbiology was affiliated with this new faculty. In same year, the University started undergraduate program BSc(H) in Microbiology in three colleges of University: Swami Shradhanand College, Gargi College, Ram Lal Anand College. The program was later extended to two more colleges: Bhaskaracharya College, and Institute of Home Economics. Each college has an intake of 30 students every year, with a total student strength of 90 for all three years combined.

By 1988, the department had attained a sizable strength in terms of infrastructure, academic expertise. In same year, department started registration of students for PhD program. The first student who completed PhD from department was Dr.Sunita Agarwal nee Bansal who at present teaches in Institute of Home Economics. In addition to the PhD program, the MPhil program in Biotechnology in collaboration with other Departments of Faculty of Interdisciplinary Sciences was also initiated.

Department is now well established with state of the art facilities in different research areas of Microbiology with seven faculty members and has published more than 600 research papers. In addition, more than 100 students have completed their doctoral research training in the Department. The Department also participates in SAP and FIST programs and individual faculty members have several national and international collaborations with Universities and industries.

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