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MICROZEST’23: Annual Microbiology Fest

-By Satyabrata Kar(M.Sc Previous)

Microzest is more than just a series of events. It's an opportunity to build connections, forge friendships, and strengthen the bonds that make our department a close-knit and vibrant community.
So, on 8th of November 2023, the whole department, including our professors, non-teaching staff, PhD scholars, and MSc students assembled in the biotech auditorium with excitement and vibrant energy to celebrate the spirit of our department.
The day started with an enlightening addressal by Rajeev sir and our fellow professors, followed by a spectacular dance performance by MSc(previous) girls. We had a jam-packed schedule filled with an array of competitions, and performances -from a team quiz to scribble, to streak art competition and Ad Mad! Who knew our professors were so creative and fun!
In a break from the intense intellectual engagement,and laughter, a delightful lunch session was waiting for us. This not only provided a moment of relaxation but also facilitated informal interactions and discussions among the participants.
Distinguished professors, acknowledging the exemplary achievements within the department, awarded medals to the deserving winners, adding a touch of honour and recognition to the festive atmosphere.
After the awards distribution, we moved back to our department where the excitement continued in the form of a rangoli competition. The atmosphere was set by the students by playing festive music and enjoying themselves, taking pictures, and interacting with their seniors for something other than academics.
A memorable group photograph captured the essence of unity and shared accomplishments as students, professors, and PhD scholars gathered outside the building.
As the day concluded with a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment, the fest left an indelible mark on the department's collective memory. It was not merely an event but a testament to the thriving spirit of our department. The success, excitement, and bonding experienced on this day, punctuated by the shared lunch, will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for the future, reinforcing the sense of unity and pride within our department.
We would like to thank our faculty for constantly supporting our ideas, and all the students and scholars for their enthusiastic participation, without which it would not be possible. Together we made it a day to remember!

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