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Project: DBT Virtual Enzyme Centre for Development of enzyme formulations for treatment of ligno-cellulosic biomass

Funded by: DBT (~86 lakhs)

Period: September 2014-March 2018.

Screening of microbes for various cellulolytic enzymes was the target of our lab in this collaborative project. The work was published recently in Biochemical Engineering Journal.


Project: Development of seaweeds biorefinery and pilot demonstration of bioethanol production

Funded by: DBT (~34 lakhs)

Period: May 2013- May 2016

Joint efforts (Collaboration with Department of Botany, University of Delhi) were made to produce bioethanol from algae and the results were published in Bioresource Technology in 2016.


Project: Development of pretreatment strategies and bioprocess for improved production of cellulolytic enzymes and ethanol from crop by-product for demonstration at pilot plant

Funded by: MNRE (~148 lakhs)

Period: January 2012-July 2015.

As part of this project, improvement in production of cellulases was achieved, and ethanol production from corncob residue and rice straw residue separately was performed in 100 L reactor level.


Project: Optimization of cellulase production from Thermoascus aurantacus RCK 2011, a thermophilic fungus, and its application in cellulose hydrolysis

Funded by: UGC (~10 lakhs)

Period: July 2011-December 2014

Under this project cellulose production from the thermophilic fungus was achieved. The results are published in Appl Biochem Biotechnol (2017) as well as in Biosystem and Bioprocess Engineering (2015).


Project: Production on courseware e-content development for Post-Graduate Subject ‘Microbiology’ (e-PG Pathshala)

Funded by: UGC (7 lakhs)

Period: 2014-2017.

This project was aimed to contribute to Post-Graduate education in India by improving and developing e-content for various areas of Microbiology.


Project: Process development and application of pectinase for retting of plant fibres in collaboration with Jay Biozyme Technologies, Pune.

Funded by: DBT (SBIRI) (~38 lakhs)

Period: 2011-2012


Project: Preparation and screening of DNA library from wood, decaying soil, and termite mounts for novel lignocellulolytic enzymes

Funded by: DBT (~92 lakhs)

Period: 2008-2012


Project: Production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass

Funded by: DBT (~51 lakhs)

Period: 2008-2011


Project: Evaluation of xylanases and laccases at pilot and mill scale in pulp and paper industry in collaboration with Jay biozyme Technologies, Pune.

Funded by: DBT (~52 lakhs)

Period: 2008-2011


Project: Microbial production of biotech feed by solid state fermentation and recombinant DNA technology in collaboration with Ayurvet Pvt. Ltd. Delhi

Funded by: DBT (~79 lakhs)

Period: 2007-2011


Project: Bioconversion of cellulosics into sugars and ethanol

Funded by: CSIR (NIMTLI) (~65 lakhs)

Period: 2007-2010


Project: Decolorization of dye waste waters using laccase over-producing marine and terrestrial fungi

Funded by: DBT (~20 lakhs)

Period: 2005-2008


Project: Marine fungi as a source of laccase and xylanase enzymes for biotechnological applications

Funded by: DBT (~9 lakhs)

Period: 2004-2006


Project: Bioconversion of lignocellulosic feedstock into ethanol as biofuel

Funded by: DBT (~ 38 lakhs)

Period: 2003-2007


Project: Cellulases-free thermotolerant and alkalostable xylanases for pulp and paper Industry.

Funded by: DBT (~26lakhs)

Period: 1999-2002


Project: Heterotrophic chemo-organotropic and aerobic gram positive bacteria

Funded by: MoEF (20 lakhs)


Project: Cloning and characterization of ligninase/laccase gene(s) from white-rot    fungus

Funded by: DBT (~30 lakhs)


Project: Bacteria as source of nutrition for zooplankton, and the role of bacterivorous zooplankton in reducing microbial load in wastewater: an experimental evaluation

Funded by: MoEF (14 lakhs)


Project: The solar pasteurization of plant residues followed by fungal fermentation for produce of protein rich animal feed

Funded by: DBT (1.5 lakhs)


Project: The hydrolysis of hemicellulose by species of white-rot fungus Cathouse

Funded by: UGC (4.5 lakhs) 

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